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Doctor Strange contemplates blood magic and cannibalism for more powers

Doctor Strange, the Supreme Sorcerer, is the fictional story of the famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange whose life takes a total turn after suffering a car accident that leaves him unable to move his hands.

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Not finding a cure in traditional medicine, he is forced to seek other means to regain his abilities, ending up in an unexpected place: an isolated and mysterious community called Kamar-Taj, where he met El Anciano, his mentor and predecessor.

In his stay, Strange, already with his magical powers acquired, is forced to choose between returning to his old life or leaving everything behind to defend the world as the most powerful wizard on the planet.

Dr. Strange is unwilling to allow himself to be defeated by his enemy (Photo: Marvel Comics)


In his appearance in Marvel Comics, he was not only the Supreme Sorcerer but he also used other devices such as dealing with devils and demons, going through blood magic and cannibalism, actions that led him to also be considered a master of the Black Magic and the main protector of the Earth against magical and mystical threats, published .

In one of his most remembered fights, he has to face his most difficult enemy: Kulan Gath, a Supreme Sorcerer from the Hiborean Era of Conan who is back more powerful than ever, thanks to the secrets of blood magic, which is not other than consuming the organs of some sorcerers to obtain their powers.

Doctor Strange appears to be considering performing the same ritual as his opponent. In a last scene he takes Conan aside to give him instructions where he says: “If you meet Kulan Gath, it may be more advantageous to hurt him than to kill him. A small sample would suffice: a finger. Maybe just a bit of meat caught on your sword, I just need a little taste. “

If Strange succeeded in his quest to eat the flesh of the evil Kulan Gath, he could seize all of his magical secrets gained over millennia, equal him in power, and have a chance of victory.

As recalled, Doctor Strange is a fictional superhero who appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics in 1963, created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee during the Silver Age of Comics.


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