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Doctor Strange is back: memes and reactions for episode 4 of “What If …?” on Disney +

Wednesday of What If…? on the streaming service Disney+ with the fourth episode of the animated series Marvel Cinematic Universe. On this occasion the protagonist of the story was Doctor Strange, with the original voice of Benedict Cumberbatch, unlike other characters that were replaced. The fans have already seen it and left their feelings on the networks. Check out the funny memes!

This program shows us completely different realities than the one we met in the MCU conventional, so we have surprising stories, like today. “What if … Doctor Strange loses his heart instead of his hands?”, the chapter of the day was called, which had the following synopsis: “Dr. Stranges unleashes his royal power in search of his lost love witnessing one of the strangest phenomena in the entire universe”.

What we see here differs completely from what we saw in the movie of Strange in 2016, as instead of traveling alone to his conference and ending up with his hands injured in the car accident, his lover Christine Palmer accompanies him and it is she who dies. As a result of this, Stephen has a drive to learn mystical arts and becomes the sorcerer we all know.

We see that he continues on his original path, defeating the interdimensional being Dormammu and establishing himself as Supreme Sorcerer at the Canctum Canctorum in New York. Nevertheless, everything changes when you use the power of the Time Stone to travel back to the night Christine died and try to change the facts of that eventBut no matter what he does, his destiny was already marked.

Noticing that the woman could in no way continue to live because her death is an Absolute Point on the timeline, she seeks to absorb various mystical beings to achieve the potential to revive her, although the entire world is in danger of disappearing. Once your reality is destroyed, the Watcher suggests that he never put the universe at risk again, in a clear nod to what we will see in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

+ Memes and reactions for episode 4 of What If …?

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