Doctors will soon be able to generate digital proof of vaccination in their practice

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Doctors will soon be able to generate digital proof of vaccination in their practice

From July 12, doctors will be able to use their practice software to generate the OCR code, which can be transferred to the smartphone for digital vaccination records. In addition, doctors can determine and document the “recovered” status. Mediatixx, a manufacturer of practice management software systems (PVS), was one of the first companies to apply for approval from the Federal Ministry of Health for the corresponding software module.

Mediatixx – number 2 in the PVS market segment with a 27 percent market share and 40,000 doctors according to their own information the software module for issuing Covid-19 certificates completed and approval for use in practices applied for. The module should be part of the regular quarterly update. How the process should work from July 12th, doctors and medical assistants can find out in a learning module from Mediatixx.

In contrast to the system for pharmacies, the certificate for fully vaccinated or recovered insured persons is generated via the telematic infrastructure (TI) of the healthcare system. The doctor’s practice must therefore be connected to the TI, the connector must correspond to version PTV-3 and be authorized with the practice ID (SMC-B card). A QR code can then be registered and printed out together with the insured person’s master data, which the insured person can then save in the Corona Warning app or in the tracking-free “GovPass”.

Statutory health insurance physicians can have this service reimbursed with 2 euros. The case is somewhat different if the insured person was not vaccinated in the doctor’s office. Like pharmacists, doctors then receive 18 euros for the increased testing effort.


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