Does ABC cancel Epic for a prequel to Beauty and the Beast on Disney +?

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From creators of Once Upon a Time (translated as Once upon a time), starring Brittany O’Grad Y Sarah Hyland and part of the universe of Disney+. All of this seemed to be a sign that the series Epic it would be a great success for ABC, the television network belonging to The Walt Disney Company. However, it was not enough: the project was scrapped and Beauty and the Beast they would have something to do with all this.

The return of Adam Horowitz Y Edward Kitsis excited fans who expected to see new work from those responsible for Once Upon a Time, which ended three years ago and left everyone wanting more. But, as reported The Hollywood Reporter, The truth is that the pilot of the series did not convince the executives of the company who decided to cancel Epic.

Brigitte Hales, writer of both series, assured that the project began at the end of 2019. The television show was going to have new characters that would go through previously known romantic love stories. For that, they summoned Brittany O’Grady (Paula in The White Lotus) y a Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy en Modern Family), accompanied by Eleanor Fanyinka. The content was to be available at Disney+ that now prepares something even better.

What connection does Beauty and the Beast have to Epic?

A prequel from the renowned story of the princess and prince Adam is the new project that Edward Kitsis faces with Adam Horowitz. It is a series of eight episodes in total that will tell the adventures of Gastón, LeFou and their stepsister. The production of this captivating proposal will be an exclusive content of Disney+ and will begin shooting next year.

Josh Gad, Briana Middleton, Luke Evans will be the protagonists of the prequel being prepared by Disney + (Getty).

To the joy of those who enjoyed the film released in 2017 and starring Emma watson, so much Luke Evans What Josh Gad They will repeat their roles accompanied by Briana Middleton who joins the cast. Yes OK Epic will not come to light and will not breathe the climate of Once Upon a Time again, the truth is that the prequel to Beauty and the Beast it is even more promising and already excites its fans.

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If you have not done so yet, you still have time to subscribe to Disney + to enjoy the exclusive content that was launched and will continue to be released only on the platform. You can do it by entering here. What are you waiting for?

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