Does Batman have his own hidden army in Europe? (SPOILERS “The Detective”)

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Batman has revealed that he has a secret army of agents working in Europe. Although he has a reputation for being prepared, in Batman: The Detective from Tom Taylor Y Andy Kubert, he is dealing with a threat that even he could not have anticipated.

A psychopathic group is determined to restore a kind of insane sense of balance trying to kill everyone Batman has saved. and they are proving to be quite dangerous, managing to implicate Bruce Wayne in an assassination attempt.

Fortunately, while Batman could never have anticipated Equilibrium, it is clear that he always anticipated the need to travel to Europe. Batman: The Detective #4 has revealed one of the most surprising facts that you did not know about this superhero.

In the new installment of the comic, the Batmóvil European is basically a Batcueva complete, an elaborate vehicle that even includes smaller versions of its trophies.

It makes perfect sense because the freedom of movement in the European Union it would allow this mobile Batcave to travel across the continent to wherever it is needed. But this new Batmobile does not mark the limits of your preparations for a European adventure.

Batman: The Detective # 4 ends with Batman deciding that it’s time to call in backup, initially contacting Oracle and having her cover up his escape so that no one will find out that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Done this, it tells Oracle that it is time to activate the European Bat Alliance. “Contact them all,” Batman orders, and his words make it clear that this is not a small organization.

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Batman has always claimed that he works best alone, but it has long been clear that he is deluding himself; the Bat-Family has grown over the years in Gotham and it has expanded far beyond the borders of its city.

You may have trouble with trust, but you’ve surely learned that having allies to work with is essential wherever you go. After all, he has been an important member of countless incarnations of the Justice League.

His words to Oracle suggest that the “European Bat Alliance” are basically sleeper agents, ordinary men and women that he has decided to incorporate into his plans.

Equilibrium has completely underestimated Batman. They have no idea what resources the Dark Knight can bring to bear, and there is no way they will know about the European Bat Alliance.

It’s safe to assume that these agents are scattered across the continent, some in positions of political influence and others in European law enforcement, meaning Batman will have eyes everywhere.

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