Does Black Widow arrive with a new name in Argentina?

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Phase 4 of Marvel does not stop reaping successes. After WandaVision came to Disney + The Falcon and The Winter Soldier thus giving prominence to those who, at the time, were nothing more than secondary characters in the Avengers films. However, there are two films that became the most important of this era since they are the most anticipated, Spiderman: no way home Y Black Widow.

The first, with Tom Holland as the protagonist, will hit theaters on December 17, giving a closure to the British actor as the interpreter of Peter Parker. As to Black Widow, This will not only be the return of Scarlett Johansson in the skin of Natasha Romanoff after her tragic end in Avengers: endgame, but it will also be the closing of her story in the MCU.

However, despite the fact that the whole world is preparing for July 9 since the film will have a hybrid premiere between Disney+ and movie theaters in Argentina are ready to receive it in another way. Is that, a few hours ago, Twitter echoed a piece of news: the name that reaches the billboards of the hibero-American country and the platform’s catalog, could be Black Vidú.

However, for the tranquility of the Argentine Marvel faithful, this title is nothing more than a joke. This is because, through the bird network, the name of Black Vidú became a trending topic since an Argentine journalist, named Sebastián Vignolo, wanted to promote the film in his program and, instead of pronouncing correctly, he launched the word “ vidú ”.

A few months ago it became known that ESPN is now part of Disney like Marvel, so all sports programs, regardless of their content, have a duty to promote what is coming and, in this case, it is Black Widow. “Very soon you will know the truth of his story: Black Vidú from Marvel Studios. Live the experience in cinemas and Disney + Premier Access”, Were his exact words and, at that moment, the memes exploded.

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If you have not done so yet, you still have time to subscribe to Disney + to be able to enjoy the exclusive content that was launched and will continue to be released only on the platform. You can do it by entering here. What are you waiting for?

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