Does Gon get his Nen Back In Hunter x Hunter?

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With Yoshihiro Togashi on hiatus, fans have been left wondering when and if Gon would reclaim his Nen. Gon has been without his Nen since battling Neferpitou in the Chimera Ant Arc, and we have made no headway in determining if he will ever regain it.

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How Gon lost his Nen?

After his encounter with Neferpitou, Gon lost his nen. According to his pals, he formed a temporary pact with his Nen in exchange for the death of those who harmed him because of the emotional pain he had when the reality of Kite’s death threw him over the edge. The pact provided him with massive amounts of Nen, far more than his body could handle, driving him to mature and mutate into a strong man with incredible physical power. If he had continued to develop to his full potential, this would have been him in 20 years. He also lost his arm in this fight, but he was thrilled because he looked like Kite before he died.

Pitou’s body had been ruthlessly destroyed, and the deal had been accomplished, returning him to his original state. This abrupt transition and dangerous residual Nen stressed his body to the point where he was at risk of dying as a result of a tragic blunder. He became a vegetable as a result of it. He lost his Nen as well as his potential as a result of the quick surge of strength he utilized to fight Neferpitou.

Is Gon going to get his Nen back?

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Gon has yet to receive his Nen as of this writing. Hunter X Hunter’s author is known for taking long breaks from his work, hence the story hasn’t moved much since 2018. Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus for 1028 days, or around 2 years and 9 months, as of this writing. In his talk with his father Ging, it’s hinted that he can still sense Gon’s aura and regain his Nen talents, however, he’d have to go through extensive training simply to get back to where he was before wasting all on Neferpitou. In the meantime, all we can do is sit and wait for Yoshihiro Togashi to return and finish the Hunter X Hunter saga.

Why did Gon’s Nen go missing for 30 days?

During his fight with Knuckle, he lost access to his Nen. Knuckle possesses the Nen ability Hakoware, which allows him to lend his aura to his foes. When he offers his aura, it also expects a 10-second boost in interest. The afflicted party will bust if the loan is not paid. Amortizing Power Re-director, or A.P.R. for short is the small marshmallow with wings that keeps track of the interest. It can’t be hurt, and it only goes away when the person busts or when Knuckle disables it. 

When A.P.R. is discovered, it transforms into Individual Ren Suppressor, or IRS, which puts the opponent in a forced Zetsu state for 30 days. Unfortunately for Gon, he was still unfamiliar with the concept of Nen and was defeated by Knuckles. In episode 90, this was seen. Don’t worry if you’re perplexed by this; most Hunter X Hunter fans were as well until they reread how his skills operate on the internet.

In which episode will Gon be able to use Nen once more?

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Gon, Killua, Knuckle, and Shoot are shown traveling to the NGL Border Stop with Meruem and the Chimera Ants, primarily his Royal Guards, in Episode 91. Colt, Chairman Netero, and other Human Hunters penetrating the Nest to defend the Chimera Queen are the focus of Episode 92. The story in episode 93 revolves around the Chimera Ant King Meruem and his Royal guards invading East Gorteau’s capital and establishing a new nest there. The plot of episode 94 revolves around Killua’s battle with the chimera ant Rammot. Killua discovers that he was being controlled by Illumi’s needle and, after removing it, effortlessly dispatches Rammot.

Arc of the Chimera Ants

Even the Hunter Association’s Nen Exorcist threw her hands up in despair in the end of the arc, leaving it unclear whether Gon would ever be able to live a regular life again. Killua and Nanika arrived clutch, Killua requesting that Nanika heal Gon to his previous state. Later, when Gon is alone, he discovers that he can no longer generate an aura and that he has lost his Nen. Gon has returned to Mito-san after speaking with his father, Ging, and is busy catching up on all of the lost work.

Gon will reclaim his Nen

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Gon is predicted to recover and continue his quest as a Hunter as the main character of Hunter X Hunter. Like other shonen manga protagonists, he is expected to follow in the footsteps of Naruto and make a full recovery, live up to his full potential, and beat even more powerful adversaries in the future alongside his closest friend Killua. After all, Hunter X Hunter is published alongside well-known mangas like Naruto, One Piece, MHA, and others in Weekly Shonen Jump. Many have speculated that Gon will not appear in the next arc, The Dark Continent Expedition, as it will focus on two other prominent characters, Kurapika and Leorio.

The restriction on Gon’s Nen has also been abolished, according to Nanika’s ability (the other being inside of Alluka), albeit he would have to retrain to regain his Nen ability. After being healed, Gon finds he can no longer use his aura. Gon has a lengthy phone conversation with Ging regarding his inability to use aura, following which Ging suggests that Gon is probably merely blind because he has reverted to “normal.” 

Ging noted that since Gon “threw it all away” as one of the prerequisites for increasing his power enough to defeat Pitou, surviving that ordeal should be enough, and expecting or asking for more would be bold and for which he has already been punished. Ging then advised that Gon take some time to figure out what he wants to do with his life, hinting that he could either stay a “regular” person or re-awaken his skills and continue as a Hunter with a new objective.

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