Does Marvel still have plans for Heimdall? I would return in phase 4 of the UCM

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Few imagined that the “Loki” series is so important to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chapter 6 revealed how the multiverses work: Kang the Conqueror was basically shaping the timeline to prevent one of his variants from trying to take over the other timelines and thus unleash a multiverse war.

As expected, the other Marvel productions on Disney Plus will continue in this same story line. “Doctor Strange a the Multiverse of Madness” could pit the sorcerer and Scarlet Witch against the most dangerous variant of Kang.

However, it also opens the door to any madness that occurs to Marvel Studios. According to some rumors, the production company could include old actors from past films such as Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire.

Perhaps they could revive some charismatic characters under the argument that they are variants. Actor Idris Elba shared a few words with the medium during the promotion of the new film Suicide Squad.

“I think I’m excited about the possibilities in the DC world. And I think the word chosen to take note is the word apparently ”. Recall that the actor was seen in Australia when the filming of “Thor Love and Thunder” was taking place.

Marvel has plans for Kang and another great comic book villain

Loki and Sylvie came to the ‘End of the World’ to assassinate him, but this villain was already waiting for them.

It was revealed that he is the one responsible for bringing order to the timeline with the goal of stopping the war of the multiverses. However, the war against him will not be the same as that of Thanos.

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The different multiverses will have to face their respective variant while another powerful character appears in the plot. We are talking about Dr. Doom. Recall that Marvel has already announced that they are working on the production of the new Fantastic Four saga.

Nathaniel Richards (Kang) knows about the technology of Earth 616 and manages to develop time travel. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the character is familiar to Reed Richards (the leader of The Fantastic Four).

He would be responsible for introducing mutants to the MCU, after taking care of a young mutant named En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse, on his journey to Egypt’s past.

Dr. Doom would also join the MCU but in one of its most powerful versions.

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