Does Robert Pattinson hate DC movies directed by Zack Snyder?

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Does Robert Pattinson hate DC movies directed by Zack Snyder?

Robert pattinson was chosen by Matt Reeves to act as Bruce Wayne in your project The Batman. The film replaced the original tape I would work on Ben Affleck as main star and director. Many fans of the version of the hero featured in Batman v Superman y Justice League they made known their discomfort with the new course that DC it gave the character, especially with the actor cast in such an iconic role as that of the Bat Man.

Is the protagonist of the Twilight saga the new Batman? The fans wondered. Not only that, the actor showed his dissatisfaction with the physical demands of the character, which include a rigorous dose of exercises accompanied by a special diet. It was also leaked that there were frictions with the director Matt Reeves that got to make repeat a scene forty times to its protagonist. Much controversy around the interpreter who seems to add one more to the account with today’s news.

Pattinson would hate the movies Zack Snyder directed for DC

Zack Snyder directed three films within the DC Extended Universe: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman y Justice League. The latter presented on the platform HBO Max after a controversy with Warner. The filmmaker’s vision of the DCEU generated important divisions in the fandom and the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse asking for the director’s return to the brand to complete his work. Now a new controversy has been added.

The Reddit site reported that the actor Robert pattinson I would “hate” movies that Zack Snyder directed for DC. Some speculate and say that in reality what Pattinson would not like would be to replace Affleck in his role within the SnyderVerse. Now we have to see the reaction of the public, especially Snyder fans, to this news.

In the meantime, Robert pattinson would have signed an important contract to impersonate Batman in the universe posed by Reeves, which will show the beginning of the hero’s career, as well as that of his villains. In this first entry the Riddle (Paul Dano), the Penguin (Colin Farrell) y Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz).

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