Does Rosángela Espinoza want to be called ‘Peruvian Angelina Jolie’ after her meeting with the actress in Venice?

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Rosángela Espinoza He hasn’t had a very good time since his return from Europe. The future of the model in “This is war“He was in doubt for missing his work.

On his arrival to reality, Gian Piero Diaz joked Espinoza about his commented encounter with Angelina Jolie and pointed out that the model wants to be called from now on “Angelina Jolie peruana”.

Before the comment, Espinoza did not want to give any comment and only laughed waiting for the words of the EEG Court, who decided that she go to the voting line.

It should be noted that the influencer saw the American actress in Venice (Italy) and she returned the greeting from a boat.

It should be noted Rosángela Espinoza was about to be eliminated from “This is war” and it was his classmates who voted if he left or stayed in reality.

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