Does Vincent D’Onofrio return as Kingpin in Hawkeye?

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Marvel series on Netflix left some certainties in the followers of the brand. Characters like Punisher y Daredevil They are highly valued by the fandom that wants to continue seeing them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that sense, a villain of those shows set a trend for his coldness and violent ways: Kingpin. Masterfully interpreted by Vincent D’Onofrio, the character could return to television …

Until now, much has been said about the return of Charlie Cox What Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home. In that case, the hero would only appear in his civil version, as a lawyer for Peter Parker. At least that is the rumor that the insiders handle taking into account the difficult legal situation that it is going through Spidey after the events of Far From Home where he was accused of murdering Mysterio.

Kingpin would return on Hawkeye

And the villain in the white suit? Kingpin would be part of the series of Disney+, Hawkeye. The information emerged in the Reddit forums, where it was verified by moderators and, in principle, legitimized. The same source states that Daredevil was going to appear in the archer series, but the schedule of Charlie Cox thwarted that possibility.

One version says that the series starring Jeremy Renner it would be released with a short time of difference with respect to Spider-man: No Way Home. The reason? The plots of both stories would have more in common than we suppose. Will Clint Barton appear in the arachnid movie?

Rumors ensure that the series Hawkeye would be released in November, reaching its conclusion in December, when the next installment of Spidey On cinemas. In this way, both inputs could be connected without fear of spoiling anything. While the character Kingpin could have a cameo in the archer series and then move to a more important role within the MCU.

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