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Dog Completely Captivated by Owner's Haunting Piano Melody

Dog Completely Captivated by Owner’s Haunting Piano Melody

Many animals love music, but seeing this dog appreciate his owner’s piano playing is something else! Musician Kara Mehrmann shared the most adorable video of her pup listening to her practice. This sweet little pooch sat quietly in her lap and closed his eyes as the woman played. It really looked like he was enjoying the tune!

In the clip, Kara was playing a well-known piece by composer Joe Hisaishi called Merry-Go-Round of Life . This song has a truly haunting melody, which is part of why it’s such a memorable part of the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli’s film adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle . Of course, Bradford the dog clearly didn’t know any of this while listening to his mom play the piano. All he knew was that he liked the soothing sounds coming from the instrument!

Commenters fell in love with both the beautiful song and the adorable little pup relaxing to the music.

“Beautiful choice to play,” wrote one user. “Love seeing Bradford enjoy your gorgeous playing. Thanks for sharing your talents and sweet Bradford.”

“His soul is so peaceful on your lap surrounded by beautiful music,” said another. “I’m relaxing as I watch! Thank you.”

A third person added, “I love the piece of music but above all I love Bradford’s face.”

Kara Mehrmann often shares videos of herself playing piano while her dog sits on her lap. In almost all of these clips, Bradford is incredibly well-behaved. Of course, there are some outliers. In one video, Bradford fell asleep with his face on the keyboard. This wasn’t particularly convenient for Kara, but she still made do!

Most of the time, Bradford remains very still and quiet while Mom practices. Maybe he’s just a particularly calm pooch, or maybe his owner’s music helps him settle down. Either way, these posts are just too cute!

Isn’t it amazing how animals respond to music?

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Source: InspireMore