Dog goes viral on TikTok for climbing a wall and is compared to Spider-Man

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The expectation for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, a new film by Marvel which opens this month around the world, has not only been installed in the fans of the saga as it seems that also in the animal kingdom, as can be seen in a viral video of TikTok which has almost two 2 million views.

And it is that in the images that are seen in said clip published on the social platform, a dog appears climbing a brick wall with the help of a post that was behind, becoming an unusual and unique event since, as we all know, the Dogs do not have the ability to adhere to surfaces and climb. Will you be a fan of the arachnid hero?

Obviously, thousands of people, through their comments, compared the mascot with the character of Spider-Man, although they also wondered what is the reason why he was performing that risky maneuver.

Some believe that he was scratching his back, others consider that he was looking for food and there are those who think that this wall belongs to his house and he wanted to enter after having stayed outside and with the door closed.

The clip shared on the account It has 1.7 million views and has been named the ‘Spider Dog’ video for the time being.

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