Watch: Viral Video of a Dog’s Impressive Home Run Catch at a Baseball Game in the United States

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In the United States, baseball venues have become increasingly pet-friendly. They allow fans to bring their pets along to watch the game. Recently, a dog named ‘Dodger’ made headlines for stealing the show during a preparation game between Los Angeles Dodgers and the Kansas City Royals at Camelback Ranch.

Dodger, the canine fan, was sitting in the stands with his owner when baseball player Michael Busch hit a home run. The ball landed in the spectator area, and fans tried catching it with their gloves. As the crowd scrambled for the ball, Dodger suddenly appeared, snatched the ball with his snout and strutted around with it!

The crowd cheered and went wild with excitement. The video of Dodger’s ball grab quickly went viral on social media, winning hearts internationally. Dodger’s owner, Jaime Rovero, was the most excited of all. He told Fox 11 in an interview that Dodger has become the official mascot of spring training because of the incident.

Rovero further mentioned that from now on, he would continue to bring Dodger to stadiums to support the Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball venues that allow pets are becoming increasingly popular in the US, and Dodger’s presence as an official mascot gives further impetus to the trend.

In conclusion, Dodger’s heroic snag of the ball during the game earned him the spotlight, and his owner has confidently declared him as the official mascot of spring training. The incident has also shed a light on the increasing trend of pet-friendly baseball clubs across the United States.

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