Doja Cat wants to have a date with this actor from ‘Stranger Things’

By: Thomas Blade

Published on:

The character of Eddie Munson has been one of the star additions of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ and has quickly earned the affection and admiration of the stalwarts of the series. Likewise, the actor who plays him, Joseph Quinn, seems to raise passions among some of the most notorious viewers of Netflix fiction.

The successful rapper Doja Cat dreams of having a date with the handsome artist, as revealed by another of the protagonists of the series, the actor Noah Schnapp, who gives life to the young Will Byers. The singer has published a screenshot of the brief conversation he has had with the singer through TikTok, in which she asks him to put him in touch with his co-star.

“Noah, can you tell Joseph to write to me? Well, wait… does he have a girlfriend?” reads the first of the messages exchanged. Noah’s first response is very practical, as he advises him to address Joseph directly via a private chat. Doja finds no way, however, to establish communication with him, and then Noah sends him a direct link to his account. “Here you have it, ma’am.”

Shortly before Doja Cat decided to take action, one of her followers shared with her a frankly flattering photo of Joseph and tried to figure out what her idol thought of the 29-year-old artist’s captivating presence. “Doja, look how handsome he is,” he questioned. The artist’s response leaves no room for doubt about her irrepressible attraction: It’s criminal mind, he joked.

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