Dollar Price in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua of July 7

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The Dollar Weakens

During the session this Friday, the US currency fell back as new economic data is added and the markets are in expectation of the next monetary policy decisions by the Federal Reserve.

The Solid Data Shared This Week on Private Payrolls

They supported the view that the Federal Reserve could once again raise interest rates after announcing a pause in June. However, the Labor Department’s jobs report indicated nonfarm payrolls growth was below expectations.

Here’s the June Jobs Report

The US economy added jobs at a slower pace than as planned in June. According to the job sharing report this Friday, nonfarm payrolls increased by 209,000 last month. Nonetheless, economists expected the number to rise by 225,000. On the other hand, monthly growth in median hourly earnings was unchanged at 0.4%, while the unemployment rate slowed slightly from 3.7% at 3.6%.

It May Interest You: Learn about the Curious Origin and Meaning of the Dollar Sign

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve continues to review all the economic data before its next meeting to announce whether it will resume raising interest rates or pause will continue. Earlier, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has mentioned that a couple more hikes are expected to continue slowing inflation to his 2% target. The next meeting of the US central bank is scheduled for July 25-26.

Dollar Price Today, July 7: Exchange Rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

According to the 12:29 pm ET update, the dollar index (DXY), which measures the value of the dollar in relation to a basket of six major currencies, registered a fall of 0.86%, settling at 102.28 units, according to, one of the most important financial portals.

Exchange Rates in Various Countries

On the other hand, this is how the dollar exchange rate is in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica this Friday, July 7, according to

  • Mexico: 17.09 Mexican pesos (MXN) -0.76%
  • Costa Rica: 543.27 Costa Rican colon (CRC) +0.15%
  • Guatemala: 7.84 quetzales (GTQ) -0.01%
  • Honduras: 24.62 lempiras (HNL) -0.40%
  • Nicaragua: 36.57 córdobas (NIO) +0.08%

Exchange Rates for Purchase and Sale

On the other hand, this is the exchange rate for the purchase and sale of these currencies:

  • Buy
  • Mexico: 16.60 Mexican pesos (MXN) (Banamex)
  • Costa Rica: 542.00 Costa Rican colon (CRC) (Banco Scotiabank de Costa Rica)
  • Guatemala: 7.67 quetzales (GTQ) (Banco Azteca)
  • Honduras: 24.59 lempiras (HNL) (Ficohsa)
  • Nicaragua: 35.95 córdobas (NIO) (BAC)
  • Sale
  • Mexico: 17.50 Mexican pesos (MXN) (Banamex)
  • Costa Rica: 560.00 Costa Rican colon (CRC) (Scotiabank of Costa Rica)
  • Guatemala: 7.91 quetzales (GTQ) (Banco Azteca)
  • Honduras: 24.71 lempiras (HNL) (Ficohsa)
  • Nicaragua: 36.82 córdobas (NIO) (BAC)

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