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Dolly Parton’s Newest Venture Now Available in Michigan Grocery Stores

Sometimes it feels like Americans can’t agree on much, but we can all agree on Miss Dolly Parton.

Dolly continues to captivate with her latest culinary creation—pre-made frozen pies designed to bring joy and ease to summer gatherings. Renowned for her expertise in comfort foods such as baking mixes and Chardonnay, and her latest collaboration with Krispy Kreme, Dolly now introduces two tempting treats: the Original Whipped Cheesecake and the Decadent Chocolate Pie. Both of these options should be available in a plethora of Michigan frozen food aisles.

The Original Whipped Cheesecake melds creamy cream cheese and tangy buttermilk on a graham cracker crust subtly enhanced with a touch of molasses (in true southern fashion). In contrast, the Decadent Chocolate Pie offers a flaky pastry crust embracing a rich, fudgy chocolate filling dusted with powdered sugar—yum.

What makes these pies truly delightful? Their effortless preparation for people like me who are inept in the kitchen. The directions state to simply thaw, slice, and serve. For those inclined to add a personal touch, or those trying to pass it off as their own baking, consider slicing strawberries to put over the cheesecake or topping the chocolate pie with a helping of whipped cream.

While specific store availability details are still emerging, fans can likely find these treats where Dolly Parton’s Duncan Hines baking mixes are sold. Look out for them at major retailers here in Michigan like Walmart and of course, Meijer.

Whether you’re humming “Jolene” or “9 to 5” while browsing the frozen food section, keep your eyes peeled for Dolly Parton’s frozen pies. But who could miss that eye-catching packaging?!

Source: Dolly Parton, Duncan Hines