Don Cheto – Who is he in Real? Details Uncovered 

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Everyone knows Don Cheto on The Don Cheto Show. But do you know the person who portrays this character behind him? 

The Don Cheto Show on Channel 62 in Los Angeles includes assortments of games and moving young ladies in outfits. The radio and TV personality is highly popular among his listeners and audience. Here is everything about the man who plays it. 

Who is Don Cheto on Radio? 

Don Cheto is a fictional Mexican-American radio personality, musician, actor, TV actor, voice actor, and singer widely known throughout Mexican-American pop culture. He is one of the radio hosts with DJ Camilo Lara, aka Mexican Institute of Sound of East Los FM, in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. 

Don Cheto has silver hair, and he is a 63-year-old hillbilly from the town of La Sauceda in Michoacan, Mexico, who crossed the border more than 30 years ago. He speaks accented English, bickers with daughters over their boyfriends, and complains about the loss of morals. 

Who is Don Cheto in Real Life? 

You will be shocked to know that the real-life’s Don Cheto is much younger than who he plays on TV and radio. 

Juan Carlos Razo was born on the 23rd of June, 1980, in Mexico. He was raised in Mexico by his parents. Not much information about his early life is found in the media, as he prefers to live a private life. Reportedly, his father was the owner of a strawberry jam business, and his mother was a housewife. He has several brothers and sisters. 

Although Juan was born in Mexico, his family moved to California when he was 11. Juan attended El Monte High School during which he developed an interest in comedy. Reportedly, he played the clown of the class and often put his friends in splits with his funny antics. He was also a part of the school’s drama club and played lead and supporting characters in various plays. 

He matriculated in 1998. As per a few reports, he didn’t attend college after school and moved back to Mexico. 

Juan Carlos Razo’s Career 

Juan didn’t directly start his career as a radio or TV personality. Reportedly, he worked at a factor after matriculation and folded children’s pajamas. 

When he started with Don Cheto, he based his character on a man, whom he met at La Sauceda, Cortes de la Frontera, Spain. It was around the time when Juan began working at the Mexican radio station La Que Buena and eventually introduced the iconic Don Cheto. Initially, it was planned to be a one or two-time impersonation. But the fans loved his character, convincing Juan to impersonate him regularly. 

In 10 years between 2005 and 2015, Juan regularly voiced Don Cheto in all 130 episodes of the comedy talk show El Show den Don Cheto. He starred alongside Cristian Garcia and Sheila Marie. His show featured many celebrity guests indulging in various fun activities such as playing games, listening to music, and even answering the questions asked by their fans. 

Juan Carlos Razo is A Successful Singer

Besides portraying Don Cheto, Juan is also a successful singer. He has released five albums, including El Hombre Del Vozarron/El Chancho, Piporreando, El Gran Show De Don Cheto y Sus Amigos, and Frijolero. If you are a regular player of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto V, you will hear Don Cheto while driving cars in the game, on the radio station East Los FM. 

Juan has a YouTube Channel 

Juan launched his YouTube channel Don Cheto Al Aire on the 18th of October 2016. As of now, it has surpassed 150,000 in terms of subscribers and has over 25 million views of all his videos combined. His YouTube videos feature everything he does best – Don Cheto making guest appearances on talk shows, cracking jokes, and singing songs. 

You will also come across other videos starring Don Cheto, which have been uploaded onto the video-sharing network by other users. Below are three of his most popular videos. 

  • Ganga Style – Don Cheto: EstrellaTV uploaded this video on the 8th of November. It has been watched over 70 million times. This video is a parody of the popular Psy song Gangnam Style. 
  • Don Cheto – LA Crisis: Liberman Broadcasting uploaded this video on the 29th of March. It has been watched over 6 million times. Interestingly, it is Don Cheto’s original song. 
  • Amandititita – EL Muy Muy: Amandititita Official uploaded this video on the 3rd of October, 2009. It has received 5 million views. 

Can I find Juan Carlos Razo on Social Media? 

Yes. Juan has launched Don Cheto’s accounts on various social media networks. His social media game is strong and he is followed by close to a million people. His Instagram has a massive fan following of 820k followers and includes 1681 posts, most of which depict Don Cheto’s everyday life. His official Instagram handle goes by @donchetoalaire. 

Don Cheto’s official Twitter account was launched in July 2009. Today, it is followed by over 200,000 people. His tweets include comedy content, and his followers love him for it. 

His other social media accounts include Facebook and TikTok. His Facebook account holds a massive following of close to 4 million users. His TikTok handle is followed by nearly 100,000 people and numbers over 500,000 likes on all his videos combined. 

Is Juan Carlos Razo Married? 

When sharing tidbits about his private life, the radio and TV personality prefers to keep it private. That said, Juan has still allowed his fans to catch a glimpse into it. He has been married to Enriqueta Tiejo Ruzo for over a decade. The exact date of their marriage remains unknown. Reportedly, they exchanged vows sometime in the second half of the 2000s. His wife holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2007, the couple welcomed their son, Diego Razo. They also have a daughter, Sanjuana Razo. 

While Juan is married in their personal life, the character he plays on the show doesn’t have a wife. But women find him irresistible and often ask him to date them. But Don Cheto rejects them all. 

What is Juan Carlos Razo’s Net Worth? 

With a successfully established TV, radio, music, and social media career, it would be safe to say that Juan enjoys an impressive amount of wealth. As per reports, his net worth has been estimated at more than $6 million. 

The sources of his income are his radio and TV shows and social media. 

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