Don Johnson Reveals He Endured Five Years Without Sleep on the Set of ‘Miami Vice’

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Don Johnson Reveals Sleepless Nights on Miami Vice Set

Legendary actor Don Johnson has spoken out about the grueling work schedule he faced while playing Sonny Crockett on the hit 1980s crime series, Miami Vice. In an interview with Parade magazine, Johnson, who is now 73, admitted that he didn’t sleep properly for five years while filming the show.

The Miami Vice star said that he was shooting most of the time and then working on magazine covers on weekends, leaving little time for rest. And while he occasionally went out partying, Johnson said that his experiences during that period of his life were mostly about the work.

Despite the grueling schedule, the actor admits he looks back on that time as being magical. Johnson revealed that he was often rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, including being invited to the White House and meeting with the Pope. He added, “It was a dream.”

When it comes to his personal life, Johnson has been married five times, including remarrying his third wife, Melanie Griffith, before his second divorce in 1996. However, the actor pointed out that most of his marriages were with the same person. He said, “You know, I’ve had a great life. That period of my life is a blur, and yet I remember phenomenal things happening.”

Johnson grew up in Missouri and was a self-confessed wild child in school. He said that he got into a lot of trouble and was even kicked out a couple of times. However, he eventually found his calling in the world of acting and public speaking.

During a business class right after lunch, Johnson fell asleep and was given the choice of playing football or taking drama and public speaking. He chose the latter and never looked back. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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