Doña Martha Navarro unveils the untold secrets: A captivating revelation

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Karol G’s Emotional Song “S91” Makes Her Mother Cry

Karol G made his mother Martha Navarro cry with emotion with his new song “S91”. In a video shared on Instagram, Karol revealed that when her mother saw the music video, she couldn’t help but shed tears. “God bless her,” Doña Martha says while crying, and gives her daughter a kiss. “Amen, mommy,” says the singer in the video shared on her social networks.

A Special Connection: Psalm 91

Karol G revealed that her mother taught her to pray Psalm 91 of the Bible since she was a child. “My mother took us to school all our lives and she taught us Psalm 91 to pray after leaving home every morning. She said they were sacred words of protection,” wrote Karol G on her social networks. “When she saw that something she had taught me since I was a little girl had been included in the song, tears were immediate.”

A Preview of the Music Video

The music video for “S91” will premiere today at 8 pm, but Karol G gave her followers a taste on Instagram. “Exactly one month from the first date of the tour, I have a VERY IMPORTANT announcement to give you; so important that I made a song and a video because that’s how big it is,” Karol G wrote on Instagram. “On July 13 (13 my #Favorite spiritually), they will be able to see and listen,” announced Carolina Navarro, the artist’s real name, about this new song that holds great meaning. “Remember that I always save the best for last,” she added.

Support from Family

Karol G’s sister Verónica Giraldo Navarro also expressed her pride. “Another hit and it adds more to what you do… I love you sister from the heart and we’re going for more,” Karol G commented on Instagram. The 32-year-old singer has a very close relationship with her family and shares her success with them.

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