Donald Trump Consults with Politicians on Military Options Against Mexican Drug Cartels

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Rolling Stone recently reported that former US President Donald Trump is consulting with politicians on potential military options to confront Mexican drug cartels. According to two sources close to the former president, Mr. Trump has received several proposals from lieutenants, including unilateral military attacks and troop deployments.

The proposals were put together by the Center for Renewing America, a white paper made up of loyal Trump supporters and veterans of his administration. The paper, titled “It’s Time to Wage War on Transnational Drug Cartels,” justifies potential procedures for Mr. Trump to declare war against the cartels if he represents the Republican party in the 2025 presidential elections.

The Justifications for Military Action against Cartels

The white paper includes justifications for the proposed military operations, which include specific military operations to destroy the cartels, combined joint operations with the Mexican government, and attacks on the infrastructure of organized crime, including small cells. However, the paper does include a minor reference to Mexican sovereignty, calling for the United States to recruit the Mexican government to carry out joint operations, but also stating that it is crucial for Mexico to understand that it does not have veto power over the US’s actions to secure its borders and citizens.

Trump Supporters and Critics Respond

Since the article’s publication, Trump supporters and critics have responded. Some Trump supporters have praised the former president for taking a strong stance against the cartels. Meanwhile, critics have called the proposals reckless and potentially dangerous, saying that they could escalate the existing tensions between Mexico and the United States.

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Regardless of what one thinks about the proposals, they highlight the continued threat that drug cartels pose to both Mexico and the United States. As such, it remains important for both countries to continue working together to tackle this issue.

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