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Donald Trump launches a blog to communicate with his followers on the eve of Facebook’s decision on the possibility of restoring his account

Former US President Donald Trump launched a website,, on Tuesday as a space to interact with his followers, a day before Facebook’s supervisory board made a decision on whether to allow him to return to that platform, pick up Politico.

The page features a 30-second launch video promoting the project as a “beacon of freedom” and “a place to speak freely and safely.” The content consists mainly of a compilation of press releases issued by the former president and generically titled “From Donald Trump’s table.” Additionally, visitors can ‘like’ Trump’s messages, as well as post them on their respective Facebook and Twitter pages, even if that doesn’t include the option to comment on those posts.

It is expected that by this Wednesday the address of Facebook will announce whether it will allow the account of the former tenant of the White House to be unlocked, which has been closed since the siege of the Capitol on January 6 due to violations of its corporate policy.

Trump recently began to re-intensify his public presence, both in terms of statements made by his office and the number of interviews he gives to the media. The former president, who remains an influential figure in the Republican Party, did not rule out the possibility of running for office in the US presidential election in 2024.

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