Donald Trump reappeared on the wall with Mexico and claimed that the United States is sick

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Donald Trump reappeared this Wednesday on the American political scene with a visit to the border wall with Mexico that momentum during his tenure and warned that his country is “sick.”

The southern border, the former US president warned in an address, is today “The most dangerous in the history of the country.”

We have a sick country in many aspects: he is ill in the elections and he is ill at the border, ”he said.

Trump traveled to the state of Texas to visit with the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, the border area with the neighboring country.

And he added: “If you don’t have good elections and if you don’t have a strong border, you don’t have a country.”

His criticisms of Joe Biden

The ex-president questioned the situation on the border with Mexico under the administration of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, who took office on January 20.

Biden reversed the web of immigration decisions passed during the Trump era. “The border has never been like this,” warned the former president.

As he said, at the end of his term he left “the best border that has ever existed” in his country.

Trump made these statements when participating in a round table that was attended by former officials of his administration and local leader led by Governor Abbott.

In his speech, the Republican magnate defended the border wall that he promised to build during his mandate and of which about 804.6 kilometers were built in total. He also regretted the actions carried out by the Democratic leadership against that work.

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The focus on migration

Trump praised the “great job” that in his view his administration did to reduce immigration “to a point where people just didn’t get in, unless they did it legally.”

Now there is “a really dangerous open border, more dangerous than ever in the history of our country ”, he pointed out.

Before his trip, Trump defended in a statement that during his administration “the most successful border policy in the history of the United States” was practiced and called Biden’s strategy the “least successful.”

People are coming in by the millions. They are destroying our country”, He indicated.

In addition, he qualified the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, like a “great guy”.

According to the Customs and Border Protection Office, in May 180,034 undocumented immigrants were detained at the border with Mexico compared to 178,622 in April and 173,348 in March, two months that at the time already marked all-time highs.

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