Donnerstag: Facebook-Critic, Nvidia-Kotau, Twitch-Leak, E-Perso & Robo-Hackathon

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Nvidia has been planning to take over ARM for over a year, but the necessary approval processes are dragging on. Now Nvidia is making concessions to the EU Commission in order to accelerate it at least in Europe. Twitch, on the other hand, had to confirm the massive leak yesterday and the Facebook whistleblower raised serious allegations at the hearing in the US Parliament – the most important reports in brief.

In the fight for the EU approval for the ARM takeover is Nvidia ready to give concessions. Nvidia wants to buy the British architectural designer ARM for around 40 billion US dollars. The EU Commission is currently examining this takeover and wants to make a decision at the end of October. The EU Commission does not reveal what concessions Nvidia has made on the basis of its statutes, but Nvidia is now ready to make concessions to the EU Commission for the ARM takeover.

Twitch on the other hand admitted Victim of a data breach to have become. A group of strangers announced on an imageboard that they Twitch “completely” hacked to have. In their first leak there are said to be thousands of Git repositories with the source code of the Twitch apps. The data also apparently includes the earnings of all Twitch streamers. According to Twitch, work is being done to understand the extent of the leak. There is no further information yet, Twitch has only confirmed the data leak.

There were leaks too Facebook and the person responsible for it Whistleblowerin has now turned to one Hearing in the US Parliament voiced. The algorithms’ bias for the news feed and what is presented to users is “a big problem for our democracy,” she said. Without transparency, “we will not have a system that is compatible with our democracy.” “Nobody understands the destructive power of Facebook’s decisions – except Facebook”, Frances Haugen is certain: Facebook is “incompatible with democracy”.

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Many citizens, however, see themselves incompatible with the electronic identity card. Too complicated, forgot your PIN, no need – there are many reasons for not using the E-Perso. Just six percent of all Germans have ever used the card online. For some time now, the federal government has therefore been pursuing the plan E-Lost aufs Smartphone to bring and thereby the use to simplify. It is now clear: The E-Perso comes in three versions on the smartphone. But the new diversity is likely to confuse users.

Pleads for clarity Baden-Württemberg’s green transport ministerwho is in the discussion of possible Concessions by the Greens both Coalition negotiations for a Speed ​​limit of 130 kilometers per hour on motorways strengthens. There is a large majority for it in the population and the demand is in the Bundestag election program of the SPD. According to Baden-Württemberg’s transport minister, Tempo 130 is important for safety.

Safety is just one of the requirements for participants in the Roboterwettbewerbs Enrich (EuropeaN RobotICs Hackathon), they also have to do a lot Ingenuity prove. In the safest nuclear power plant in the world in Zwentendorf, Austria, they are tackling tasks this week that could be similar to a disaster. One of the tasks set in the robot competition is to find slightly radioactive material. There every disaster is unique is must Rescue workers oft improvise, and so the robotics teams at Enrich also need improvisational talent.

Also important:

  • Google adds estimates of CO2 emissions to various search functions and maps. This should help users to make more environmentally conscious decisions when Google provides users with more data on environmental effects.
  • Twitter sells the MoPub advertising exchange to AppLovin for one billion dollars. Twitter needs the money to compensate its own shareholders.
  • Eutelsat has participated in another financing round for the satellite swarm operator OneWeb. With 22.9% of the shares, Eutelsat is now the second largest OneWeb shareholder after the Indian telecom group Bharti.
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