“Don’t do it”: experts warn about the risk of the tendency to “bark at your dog”

A new challenge is taking over TikTok. We refer to viral phenomenon called “bark at your dog.” However, experts in animal behavior have already raised their voices to send a warning about the risk that this challenge can cause. To date, millions of netizens put into practice this trend that they learned about thanks to TikTok.

According to the videos posted on networks, this challenge consists of approaching pets and yelling at them in order to see how they react. Dogs’ responses are often curious, with some appearing offended while others remain unchanged.

While reactions vary, the singular joke results in the animals opening their eyes, showing their teeth, or licking the faces of their keepers.

Faced with the boom in the “bark at your dog” challenge, specialists in canine behavior decided to provide an opinion on the matter. According to Rob Bays, a dog training expert, the eye contact shown in these videos can be dangerous for pets.

“One of the things that dogs find quite difficult from a body language perspective is direct eye contact, or potentially people face to face, simply because it can be quite intimidating,” Bays explained to the newspaper. .

For his part, Joe Nutkins, a dog trainer, warned that owners were “Putting themselves at risk of being bitten in the face and this, of course, could result in a dog being labeled aggressive when they are not.”

Along the same lines, Ryan Neile, head of behavioral services at the UK pet charity Blue Cross, said “Unlike people, dogs will never understand the culture of jokes, scares, or practical jokes. We abuse their trust in us when we treat our pets in this way, and we are very concerned that these trends appear to be increasing. “.

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