Don’t Miss the Magnificent “Victorinada” that Illuminates San Isidro in Vibrant Color

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Emotional “Victorinada” at the San Isidro Fair

Madrid, Jun 4 (EFE) La Prensa reported today on the greyest San Isidro fair in recent years, with King Felipe VI at the barrier. On a stormy and troubled afternoon, the “victorinos” returned to contribute, one more year and as in their most glorious times, the emotion that the most fiery caste adds to the fight.

A Very Demanding Bullfight

It was a very demanding bullfight for the bullfighters who fought it hand to hand hand due to the difficulties that several of them had. Paco Ureña and Emilio de Justo made determined efforts, within their possibilities, to take advantage of the Cinqueños.

The Most Applauded Moments

Both bullfighters’ most applauded moments were achieved by way of epic, as happened to Ureña with the first blow, which he desperately faced in a duel in which he bordered on a tragedy that, fortunately, did not come to pass.

Emilio De Justo’s Triumph

The most complete batch of such an authentic “victorinada”, the one that offered a clearer and rounder triumph, fell into Emilio’s little ball of just. The fourth was offered because it had class and depth in abundance to sublimate bullfighting, and the impressive sixth because he was a bull to turn upside down those lines that he had totally enthralled.

Variety of Game

Six bulls belonging to Victorino Martín contributed a very varied game within their high caste tone, from the sense and lack of delivery of the first and fifth to the deep and classed bravery of the fourth and the emotional race of the sixth.

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The Bullfight

Paco Ureña, in pink and gold: opposite lunge and pissing (great ovation after notice and ear request); jab and front lunge (ear after warning); rear short lunge (claps after warning).

Emilio de Justo, cinnamon and gold: somewhat stretched lunge (return to the ring after warning and ear request); rear drop lunge (silence after warning); two punctures and detached front lunge (silence after warning).

Among the crews, Germán González stood out by stinging the fourth.

Attendance and Ticket Sales

This was the 23rd and last subscription celebration of the San Isidro fair, with a “no tickets” sign at the ticket offices. 22,964 spectators, according to the company, attended on the afternoon of a stormy and windy fair.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a very impressive bullfight that showcased the best of what this sport has to offer. From the emotion of the fiery caste to the dedication of the bullfighters, everything came together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

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