DOOM Eternal Gets Horde Mode and Battlemode 2.0 Next Week

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Fans of action and adrenaline from DOOM Eternal have been well served since launch day as it has received not just a two-part expansion, The Ancient Gods, but also a free technical upgrade on the new consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series. However, last July ID Software already warned that post-launch support was far from over, with the upcoming arrival of a revamped Battlemode and Horde mode. Well, we already know when both contents will arrive, and it will be this next Tuesday the 26th.

It was then, in July, that the studio announced that canceled Invasion mode to replace it with a Horde mode, a decision based on player feedback, as well as due to “unexpected consequences” of the pandemic.

DOOM Eternal for a while

“We’ve seen and heard how many of you enjoy the gameplay and combat available in the expansions and master levels,” they said then. “With these factors in mind, we have repeatedly redirected our efforts from Invasion Mode to create an entirely new Horde Mode. We are confident that this Horde Mode will offer you more of the diversity and challenge that you are looking for in the game. Furthermore, the team continues working on a revamp of Battlemode that includes a more competitive structure, based on ranks, a number of gameplay and balance updates, and a new map. “

Hopefully, shortly before Tuesday, ID Software will reveal more information about what’s to come with Battlemode. Until then, we remember that DOOM Eternal can now be enjoyed on PS5 and Xbox Series with nothing less than three graphic modes: performance (at 120 fps), balanced (2160p and 60fps) and with ray tracing (1800p and 60fps).

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