DOOM Eternal Makes Its Future Plans: Horde Mode and Renewed Battlemode

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DOOM Eternal will continue to receive support from id Software in the coming months. The studio has shared its plans with the shooter, which involves introducing a new horde mode and making sensible changes to Battlemode, its multiplayer facet. These plans come at a price: invasion mode has been canceled.

The future of DOOM Eternal

“The unforeseen events that have caused the pandemic and working from home has impacted on the progress of the development of this additive,” explains its executive producer in an open letter. Marty Stratton. “During this time, we’ve seen and heard how many of you have enjoyed the variety of gameplay and combat available in the expansions and master levels. With these factors in mind, we decided to redirect our focus from invasion mode to create a new single player horde mode. “

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Stratton claims that this mode “will offer more of the diversity and challenge you are looking for in the game “. Therefore, your resources will focus on this added experience. On the other hand, the team will continue to work on improvements for multiplayer, which includes “a more competitive and ranking-based structure and a number of updates and adjustments to the gameplay.” Also, a new map will be added.

The producer urges fans to be attentive to the QuakeCon 2021, to be held this August. “Lastly, I want to emphasize how immensely proud I am of what all of our teams at id and Bethesda have accomplished. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t seen each other in person since before DOOM Eternal was released just over 15 months ago, and despite the obstacles created by the pandemic and working remotely, dozens of updates and additions have been released that have been developed, tested, launched and supported from our homes, ”concludes Stratton.

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