DOOM will be one of Fortnite’s next crossovers, according to a leading insider

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It is not the first time – and it will hardly be the last – that one of the collaborations from Fortnite is filtered in advance. Sometimes the information comes from the game files themselves, and other times insiders comment. But almost always, it ends up being fulfilled.

Whether or not the case today, after all it is a rumor Until proven otherwise, the truth is that an insider has claimed that DOOM will be the protagonist of the upcoming collaboration for the Epic Games game. And apparently, it will be a collaboration between Epic and Microsoft that will go beyond simple DOOM skins.

As indicated from Dual Shokers, the rumor comes from XboxEra Podcast with Nick and Jeff Grubb, who have a solid track record when it comes to insider information within the industry. As discussed in the program, Fortnite x Doom Skin crossover is coming in the near future.

Although the most interesting thing is that, according to Nick, Epic Games is currently in the process of licensing more characters from various Microsoft titles., with Bethesda’s IP being the first to arrive at Fortnite.

On the other hand, it would not be surprising that collaboration between Epic and Microsoft, since we have to remember that, in the past, the Halo Master Chief already arrived in Fortnite. In any case, on the podcast Nick claims that he has been told that there are “More Microsoft / Bethesda Characters Coming to Fortnite.”.

Anyway, even if the source is authentic, it may take some time to see these collaborations. When found in game files, they are usually more imminent, but when they have been leaked that way in the past, sometimes 6 months have passed from the leak to the arrival of the crossover.

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What about you? Which Bethesda character would you like to see in Fortnite? We read you carefully.

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