“Doubly Pregnant”: This September 30, the long-awaited Peruvian film opens in theaters | VIDEO

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Tondero confirmed the premiere of “Double Pregnant”, a comedy starring Carolina Cano, Andrés Wiese, Nicolás Galindo and Daniela Camaiora. Directed by Eduardo Mendoza, it will hit theaters throughout Peru from this September 30th.

The film is a co-production of Claro Video and Tondero that it had to delay its premiere due to the pandemic. More than a year and a half later, his entry to the billboards is finally confirmed from all over the country, its protagonists are the most excited about this return.

“The premiere of ‘Doubly Pregnant’ surprised me a lot because two years have passed since filming and I am excited to know that we are going back to the movies! I hope people enjoy it a lot and have a fun time with our film. “, stated Carolina Cano about the film.

For his part, Andrés Wiese indicated: “It makes us immensely happy that we will finally be able to see ‘Doubly Pregnant in theaters on September 30’. The actors have not yet seen the film and we want to enjoy it for the first time on the big screen ”.

“I did not know that hetero-parental super fertilization existed and that you could literally get doubly pregnant, and it seems to me such a particular situation and about which so little is known, that I’m sure people are going to have a great time when they go to see the film at the cinema. “, added.

Meanwhile, Nicolás Galindo pointed out that “’Doubly Pregnant’ is a movie that we made with great affection in 2019. Now after two years of filming it, it is really exciting that it is going to be released”; what’s more, revealed that they thought it would not be released.

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“That is why we are very happy that the cinemas have reopened and that ‘Double Pregnant’ can already be released as it should be. We want people to be able to see it in theaters and we too, we have high expectations about it “, sentenced.

Daniela Camaiora, who has just become a mother, I do not know what was left behind and expressed that they had fun “Much recording it, I think everyone who goes to see her will have a great time, because she is funny, cute. This is a good way for people to start coming back to the cinema supporting national productions ”.

“Doubly Pregnant” tells an unusual love story that will catch the viewer from the first second. Claro video’s original film, which stars Carolina Cano, Andrés Wiese, Nicolás Galindo and Daniela Camaiora, hits theaters on September 30.

The film tells the life of Cristina (Carolina Cano), a young girl about to marry Javier (Andrés Wiese). At her bachelorette party, she meets Felipe (Nicolás Galindo), her lifelong examiner. A few weeks, Cristina finds out that she is pregnant, and everything gets out of control when In the 4th month of pregnancy, the doctor tells Cristina the results of the paternity test.

The film will also feature the participation of national actors with great experience such as Miguel Iza, Carlos Victoria, Camucha Negrete and Nicolás Fantinato. A wild comedy that portrays how fun and chaotic relationships can be.


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