Download failed error in WhatsApp; How to solve it?

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At first it was only for text messages, but like any successful application, WhatsApp had to learn to diversify and expand its capacity, becoming able to send multimedia files such as photos, videos, audio images and even text documents and others. But, hasn’t it ever happened to you that you’ve received a message with content of this type, and just when you click on the photo, audio, etc., you get an error called ‘Download Failed’?

And also that you cannot send a video, image, etc. to another contact, leaving the file upload circle but without uploading it?

Download Failed Error in WhatsApp

We go directly to the WhatsApp support website to see what to do when you cannot download or send files. Depending on the application, check:

WhatsApp servers failure

An unequivocal sign that there is a problem in the WhatsApp service is precisely that we cannot receive or send multimedia files, since they remain loading and do not open. You can enter websites like, and check the WhatsApp section to know if there is any interruption in the service of the app

Internet connection

  • It ensures that the mobile has an active Internet connection with a strong signal. According to WhatsApp, “Open a web page to make sure” that the WiFi or data works fine.
  • Make sure that the mobile has the date and time correctly configured. If the date is wrong, “You will not be able to connect to our servers to download multimedia files.”

Mobile storage space

Since each photo, video, audio and file that you download from WhatsApp consumes saving space on your mobile, the problem may be that you have run out of storage space on your smartphone -something that the mobile itself would have already told you about. You will have to free up space, something very important since the mobile will work better than if it has all the memory occupied.

  • If you have an Android mobile, the most common route is Settings> Storage> Free Up Space
  • If it is iPhone, then Settings> General> iPhone Storage
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SD storage space

If the problem continues and you use an SD card on your mobile, it is possible that the SD card is not working properly. To verify this, make sure the SD card has the following:

  • Sufficient free storage space. If you have enough space, but still cannot download WhatsApp files, you may need to delete WhatsApp data from your SD card.
  • Read-only mode disabled.

If these solutions do not solve the problem, the card may SD is corrupt. In that case, you need to reformat the SD card or buy a new one.


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