Download the chef Salt Bae stickers that are causing a sensation on WhatsApp

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Loved by many and hated by some. Salt Bae He is the most controversial chef in the world not only because of his way of salting meat, but also because of the exorbitant prices of his dishes in his restaurants. So much so that several on social networks came out to criticize the curious character. From now on you can download your stickers at WhatsApp to share them with all your friends and, best of all, it won’t charge you a penny.

Among some stickers of Salt Bae we can see the chef in his classic pose when putting some pepper or salt to a meat or dish that was ordered. Too existen stickers de WhatsApp about how she dresses in real life and the lavish life she gives herself. Here we tell you how to download them.

The best thing about WhatsApp stickers is that, when you share a sticker, it can be saved by the other person so that it spreads much faster and becomes viral. You can also create your own with StickerMaker.

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