Dozens of customers are trapped for three days in a bar by a snowstorm (and some do not want to leave)

A total of 61 people were trapped for three days in a county bar in North Yorkshire (UK) after a snowstorm hit the town. Customers, who had come to the establishment last Friday to enjoy the musical band Noasis, had to stay in place longer than planned before most managed to leave the place on a clear path this Monday, local media report.

Mike Kenny, the owner of the Tan Hill Inn, known as the ‘highest pub in the UK’, communicated to The Yorkshire Post that things started to get “complicated” around 9pm last Friday and the staff advised patrons to stay at the bar, rather than undertake a dangerous journey home. Most of the guests slept on sofas and mattresses lying on the floor and had access to showers. In addition, they watched screened movies and enjoyed a traditional Sunday lunch.

Due to the blizzard, which created large mounds of snow covering the store’s windows, employees had to dig a tunnel from the front door. However, the roads remained impassable throughout the weekend due, in part, to falling electrical cables.

Nicola Townsend, general manager of the bar, said that despite the severe weather conditions, all the guests were in a good mood and some even they didn’t want to leave. “In fact, we have all become very good friends, the people who are here. […] They came as strangers and they leave as friends, they really are, “he said.

For his part, one of the clients, Martin Overton, declared that the atmosphere was “very good” and with “lots of beer available”.

This is not the first time such an episode has occurred at Tan Hall Inn. The pub, which sits 528 meters above sea level, housed staff and four patrons for five days in 2013 after a large amount of snow cut off road communications.

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