DR gives advice to America and Russia to Stop Military Confrontation

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The Dominican government expressed its concern about the tense security situation in Eastern Europe, a crisis that could generate a conflict of great proportions, according to a statement from the Ministry of Relations (Mirex). According to Mirex, this risk extends to the Americas, due to the possibility of the deployment of offensive weapons and troops in our continent.

“The Dominican Government calls on our allies and friends in Europe and the Americas, especially the United States and Rusia, to lower tensions, to immediately withdraw military assets in the area in question and to seek a peaceful solution to this crisis, which respects the territorial integrity and security of all countries, especially from Ukraine,” the document said.

Through Mirex, the Dominican Government pointed out that humanity faces imposing challenges that demand that world leaders be up to the moment to generate great pacts.

“In particular, we must lay the foundation for a post-pandemic recovery that is sustainable, fair, green and inclusive,” the entity said in the statement.
Two Nobel Laureates in Literature ask Germany to send weapons to Ukraine to Nobel Laureates in Literature ask Germany to send weapons to Ukraine also adds that a conflict of the magnitude that is projected would aggravate the current problems by creating obstacles to the production of goods and commercial exchange, deepening the precariousness of the economy and poverty in dozens of countries that depend on exports of goods and services, such as tourism.

Resaon Of War

Mirex affirmed that this is not the time for short-term and warlike thinking, since the peoples of the world are tired of conflicts and disagreements.”It is opportune to recall the spirit of the Treaty of Tlatelolco of 1967 that led to the outlawing of the development, acquisition, testing and deployment of nuclear weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean as a consequence of the universalist and pacifist tradition of our region,” he added.

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Mirex recalled that 77 years ago the nations created the United Nations, precisely to avoid a new world conflict and that it is the responsibility of the parties to seek solutions to current conflicts in that space.He urged the United Nations Security Council to play its role as the main body to debate and promote issues related to international peace and security, always in the search for a peaceful solution to differences between countries.

“The Dominican Government hopes that rationality will triumph so that world leaders can redirect their energies to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity and the planet today, through dialogue and negotiation,” the statement concluded.

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