Dragon Age: BioWare celebrates D4 Day and sends a message to fans about Dragon Age 4

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BioWare celebrates today, December 4th, the Dragon Age Day (D4 Day). The studio in charge of the development of the entire saga, one of the most emblematic of the western RPG genre, thanks the fans for their continued support for years and wants to celebrate it in a similar way to what we saw weeks ago with Mass Effect Day : contests, Twitch streams, giveaways, and new merchandise.

Dragon Age Day: New Initiatives, Gifts and Merchandise

BioWare has announced that they celebrate Dragon Age Day by releasing new products based on the saga in Dark Horse Direct, Gaming Heads and in BioWare Gear Store, along with gift cards that will be raffled off at Twitter under the hashtag #BioWareGiveaway.

Apex Legends also joins the celebration with a Dragon Age Highland Ravager-themed weapon amulet. Claimable for EA Play members between December 2, 2021 and January 4, 2022. Additionally, the Dragon Age team will host charitable fan-created art events and more than 24 hours of live streaming on Twitch starting from today. You can see the complete list of activities here.

“We continue to work hard building the next single-player experience for Dragon Age.”

“We are continually fascinated by the passionate, diverse, inspiring and creative community that has joined us in the land of Thedas. We are honored by the way you have expanded and celebrated the world of Dragon Age, ”BioWare comments in a community statement.

“From captivating fan fiction, gorgeous character arts and innovative cosplays, themed weddings, birthdays, tattoos, and even baby names. The world of Thedas has spread beyond games and is now a place of its own that breathes thanks to all of you ”, they expand, making it clear that it is this support that inspires them every day to continue working on one of the intellectual properties of Western role of the last decades.

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Before finalizing, they leave a promise: in 2022 we will know more about the next title in the series, which we know under the tentative name of Dragon Age 4. “We want you to know that we continue to work hard building the next single-player experience for Dragon Age. We are excited for next year as we can talk more about what we are working on right now. Until then, we leave you with two new short stories from the world of Dragon Age!

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