Dragon Ball: date of all the news and premieres of August 2021

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Dragon Ball is in one of its best moments at the media level of this last decade, and it is said soon. With more than 35 years behind him, the creation of Akira Toriyama continues to garner followers and, above all, is able to keep intact the fidelity of those who trusted the Saiyan will whenever they knew the name of Son Goku. This month of August 2021 is full of updates, news and announcements. To give you a glimpse of what awaits us in the Dragon Ball world this hot August, we review everything below.

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Because we will not only have the Chapter 75 of the Dragon Ball Super manga (included in Spanish), which corresponds to this month, on August 18, but there will be much more. If you are reading the manga, remember that you can already read Dragon Ball Super chapter 74 in Manga Plus totally for free and officially. From DBS Hype we have a complete summary with all the news of the franchise in August.

  • Dragon Ball Super (Manga) – Volume 16 premiere in Japan on August 4
  • New chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes (manga) in the new magazine Saikyo Jump (bimonthly) this August 4
  • New episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes – August date to be determined
  • Dragon Ball Super (manga) – First draft of chapter 75 this August 11
  • Dragon Ball Super (manga) – Premiere of Chapter 75 this August 18
  • V-Jump Magazine – New monthly information between August 15 and 18
  • Jump Victory Carnival — This August 22nd
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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, new movie for 2022

We cannot forget that next year 2022 we will have a new official film of Dragon Ball Super; his name will be Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Akira Toriyama, author of the original manga, personally confirmed last May that he is involved in the development; specifically, he leads the department in charge of writing the story and production. For now there are no clues about the plot. We only know that it will be out next year and that it will be within the Super universe. Here we leave you the new teaser trailer for the film.

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