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Dragon Ball Super (2022) | Date confirmed for new movie details

The official Dragon Ball portal has confirmed that they will have a own panel during the ever closer Comic Con from San Diego. The massive North American convention, adapted to the circumstances of the pandemic in a digital format – hence its name, [email protected] 2021-, will be the framework chosen by Toei Animation and Bandai Namco to reveal new information about the new Dragon Ball Super movie scheduled for release. 2022.

Specifically, the official communication makes it explicit that it will be a panel dedicated to this new film production and will feature luxury guests. Those interested in following the conference live should next Friday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. (CEST) since the official website of Comic Con or through official YouTube channel.

There are reasons not to miss this meeting, however, and it is that it is confirmed that personalities such as Goku’s original voice actress will be on the panel, Masako Nozawa; one of the most responsible for Dragon Ball in Shueisha, Akio Iyoku; plus the producer of the film, Norihiro Hayashida.

Dragon Ball Super 2022, will we have the first trailer for the movie?

As they explain, “they will share all the latest information and give an idea of ​​how the production has been behind the scenes.” No details have been released about whether or not we will have the first trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super movie, as much as fans are wanting to be able to put their names and surnames on this feature film; the second under the Dragon Ball Super label. If we stick to Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2020), the result was translated into one of the films most applauded by fans of the Dragon Balls.

And this is not all, because there will also be a special live performance Hironobu Kageyama, known in the networks as Mr. DBZ to be responsible for the opening WE GOTTA POWER. Soon we will know more details of both the stand and this celebration of the Dragon Ball universe at Comic-Con @ Home 2021.

What do we know about the new Dragon Ball Super movie for 2022

It was last May when we heard the news: Toei Animation is working on a new Dragon Ball Super movie with Akira Toriyama involved. “As in the previous film, I am leading the story and the production for another incredible film,” said the teacher, author of the work. At the moment we do not have more details, although it is speculated that new characters such as Moro or Granola may have a leading role. Mere speculation for the moment.

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