Dragon Ball Super, chapter 78 now available: how to read it for free in Spanish

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The moment has come. Goku and his friends (and enemies) have returned for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, which is now free to read around the world. A month after their previous adventure, the plot is on fire and continues to add layers of history and deadly struggles. We continue in the Granolah arc, again with Vegeta and Goku demonstrating their strength. Next, we show you how to read it completely free, legal and in Spanish thanks to Manga Plus.

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Dragon Ball Super 78: now available for free and in Spanish

From this Friday, November 19 at 4:00 p.m. (CEST); Spanish peninsular time (Mexico City, 9:00 a.m.; United States – New York, 10:00 a.m.; United States – Pacific, 7:00 a.m.) we can now enter the official Manga Plus website and enjoy it in Spanish or in English from chapter 78 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

As always, we have two options when reading this chapter 78 and the rest of the episodes available. The first is to do it through the web browser; the second, from the mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Here are the links to the free download of the app on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). The business model is based on advertising, although it must be said that it does not affect reading at all.

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Manga Plus, the free and legal app to read Shonen Jump manga

Manga Plus is the place to read manga for free and legally, at least those that are published under the editorial seal of Weekly Shonen Jump and other Shueisha publications within the shonen genre (manga for young people), both in weekly and monthly series. We refer to well-known series such as Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, Boruto, My Hero academia, Bakuman, Bleach, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover and many more. Most of them can be read simultaneously with the rest of the world in English and Spanish.

In the case of Dragon Ball Super, the usual structure is maintained: we can read the first three chapters (1, 2 and 3) and the last three, which in this month of November are 78, 77 and 76. Planet Comics is the publisher in charge of editing the volumes in Spanish. And the next chapter for when? For December 20 at 4:00 p.m. (CEST).

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