Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s secret techniques when using Ultra Instinct

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There is no doubt that Goku is one of the characters that have developed their ki the most in Dragon Ball Super. During the Tournament of Power we saw that he has the ability to get closer to the gods thanks to Ultra Instinct.

With this new power, he managed to subdue Jiren, the most powerful in universe 11. However, he has not yet managed to learn to hold this impressive ki. For this reason, in the manga he is seen training alongside Whis.

During the Granola saga, we’ve seen him fight the angel and activate the silver-haired version on several occasions. Interestingly, during his last meeting we have seen that the character uses strange techniques.

If you saw the Dragon Ball Super Broly tape, you may have noticed that the character held the legendary saiyan with only his ki. Well, something does something similar with Granola. When the Cerelian lunges at the Saiyan, he is surprised by the impressive force emanating from Goku’s body.

When the Saiyans thought that everything was finished, they were surprised that Granola’s ki disappeared. They were always fighting a clone, while the villain was waiting on his ship.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku's secret techniques when using Ultra Instinct.  (Photo: Manga Plus)Dragon Ball Super: Goku's secret techniques when using Ultra Instinct.  (Photo: Manga Plus)

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta comments on the truth about the Saiyans in chapter 73

Goku and Granola have faced each other in chapter 73 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. Both characters have used their best techniques; Kakaroto, for his part, was forced to use Ultra Instinct.

Meanwhile, Granola is only measuring it. It seems that he is going with all his might but it really is a clone. That’s right, the character has the ability to project a form of himself that has the same strength.

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At one point, Goku notices that he cannot measure Granola because it runs out easily. After escaping, Vegeta tells him that he has discovered the truth about this planet.

“Can he use techniques similar to Moro’s?” Says Goku. “I discovered his true identity,” Vegeta responds when they are standing on a huge footprint of an Ozaru primate.

“These ruins are probably what was left after the attack,” says the prince of the Saiyans. “And those who destroyed them were the Saiyans who were under the command of Freeza.

Goku warns that they could talk to GRanola but it would be complicated considering that he only seeks revenge.

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