Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s Ultra Instinct turned into a weakness

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During the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power saga we saw that Goku tried to activate Ultra Instinct to be able to face the powerful fighters of universe 11 like Jiren. Well, in the next two plot arcs of the manga, the protagonist has dedicated himself to perfecting this power.

Before his fight against Moro, Kakaroto trained with Merus, the angel undercover in the Galactic Patrol. While during the Granola saga he was seen alongside Whis to learn more about the nature of this power.

As expected, Goku has used this power to defeat Granola. However, he did not count on the fact that it was only a clone and not the real version of the character.

Only for an instant it seemed that he was about to subdue the Cerelian until he disappeared only to reveal that it really was a copy that only served to know the true level of power of the Saiyans.

“The Ultra Instinct should have no weaknesses. If something is missing, it has to be my training. I’m not used to using Ultra Instinct as a Super Saiyan, so I’m still vulnerable ”, says the protagonist when he falls to the ground.

He still needs to learn how to combine Ultra Instinct with the super saiyan and spend some more time with Whis.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s Ultra Instinct turned into a weakness

Dragon Ball Super: what is the secret Granola technique that defeated Vegeta

Everything seems to indicate that Ultra Instinct is not the highest level power in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Well, the manga has shown that there is a fighter superior to Goku and Vegeta called Granola, who has become what he is thanks to his desire for Ultimate Shen Long.

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As expected, the character went head-on into combat to seek revenge against the Saiyans who in the past had eliminated his race. Goku began to measure it little by little are his different transformations.

Neither the Super Saiyan God nor the blue version forcing Ultra Instinct was enough to stop Granola. Only when Goku used the perfect Ultra Instinct could he fight equally against the villain.

Of course, Granola had an ace up his sleeve: after being defeated, he reveals that he was only a clone. The character was in his ship only testing the strength of the Saiyans and will just enter into action against Vegeta.

Kakaroto no longer has seeds of the hermit and is lying on the ground, who will help him? According to community theories, it could be cared for by the Zucarians, the race that currently inhabits the planet Cereal.

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