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Dragon Ball Super: Granola’s revenge would be his downfall in the manga

Nobody wants Granola. The most recent episode of the manga Dragon Ball Super reveals that the greatest weakness of the new character created by Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama is precisely what makes him stronger: his thirst for revenge.

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super depicts Granola as a bounty hunter for Elec, the leader of a gang dedicated to the information trade. It was the latter who ordered the theft of Android 73’s data.

Elec is aware of the potential of Granola in Dragon Ball Super, so it can be a threat to the interests of Elec and company.

“Why did you mention about Freeza, Elec?”asks one of the henchmen of the new villain of Dragon Ball Super.

“He became very aggressive all of a sudden in front of me, he is overly conceited. At this rate, if he gets stronger than Gas, he will cause us problems (…) So I have decided that Freeza will kill him ”Elec said.

Let’s remember that Freeza is the target of Granola, because he was the one who ordered the destruction of the planet Cereal, the home of Granola. Upon learning that he came back to life, Granola is willing to fight him to the last consequences, even though he is not prepared for it.

Granola’s revenge is stronger than his lucidity, and that is something that Elec wants to take advantage of so that someone else assassinates him. Granola’s anger has no limits.

Until the time came! Chapter 68 of the manga Dragon Ball Super is now available in Spanish. You can read the first installment of the ‘Granola the survivor’ arc on the official Manga Plus page.

Doing click this link you can access the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, which begins with the destruction of the planet Cereal at the hands of the Ozarus, commanded by the Army of Freeza.

The importance of episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super is to know the identity of the main antagonist of the arc ‘Granola the survivor’. As revealed in the sketches, Granola is hired by a criminal gang to steal 73’s data. Despite the mistreatment and abuse, Granola continues to work with said gang to take down Freeza and his henchmen.

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