Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 70 publication date

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In 2015, Dragon Ball Super began a new saga in anime at the hands of Toei Animation. Goku and Vegeta managed to win the Tournament of Power but had no time to rest: the manga immediately began the Moro and Granola sagas.

As expected, the protagonists seek to be even stronger. In the Granola arc they trained on separate sides in order to increase their power. Goku managed to learn more about Ultra Instinct from Merus, while Vegeta learned teleportation from Pybara, the great patriarch of the Yadrat race.

On the other hand, in the Granola arc, Goku trains with Whis to finally master Ultra Instinct and Vegeta wishes to become much more like Beerus. The current objective of the prince of the Saiyans is to know the secret of Hakai, the destructive ability of the gods of destruction.

Chapter 70 showed that Granola also became extremely powerful but not from training but from making a wish on Ultimate Shen Long. Everything indicates that in the next publication we will see a great fight between the three.

Through the Manga Plus website, this last chapter is already shared and the publication date of the next one has been given. On April 20, chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super will be published on the portal.

Remember that it is first published in V-Jump magazine and then it reaches the different platforms.

Fans discover what comic Beerus reads in his spare time

The analytical eye of Dragon Ball Super fans is not wrong. In chapter 70 of the manga it shows Beerus reading a comic or manga and the followers of the work already know what it is about. Dragon Ball gods apparently need some entertainment just like mortals do, and the funny thing is that gods have their own god comics.

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While Vegeta is trying to learn the powers of the God of Destruction, Beerus complains about burning his favorite comic. The detail reveals that destroying planets is not so much fun if you have centuries doing the same. The deities also get bored and spend their free time reading fictions about other gods.

According to the English translation of the manga, Beerus complains that he burned “this month’s edition of God Comics.”

If mortals read superhero comics, what is Beerus reading about if he’s a god himself? Beerus does not detail what the comic contains, but suggests that it is made for gods and possibly has characters more powerful than the gods themselves, something that would even surpass the same fiction within Dragon Ball Super.

Mangakas often add comics in their creations to make references to the industry. In the case of the Beerus comic, there is not much to speculate about due to the lack of information, just the theory that the gods have their own fiction in which there are beings more powerful than them.

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