Dragon Ball Super: official date of publication of chapter 72 of the manga

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The Tournament of Power saga was the last of the Dragon Ball Super anime; since then the manga took control of the history of Goku and Vegeta. In March 2018, the series ended but in December of that year the saga of Moro, the planet consumer, in the manga began. Currently, that story arc has closed and the Granola saga has begun.

As expected, Goku and Vegeta have many stories to tell. Right now, they are training to become the strongest warriors in the universe. Kakarot seeks to master the Ultra Instinct, while the prince of the Saiyans battles Beerus.

In Chapter 71, we saw that Elec has started to make his first moves. He has sent his minions to hire Goku and Vegeta to eliminate Granola. Of course, they have been tricked into believing that the Cerelean is an enemy.

The episode ends with Granola learning that the Saiyans are still alive and that he must eliminate them. “At last the time has come … to take revenge for what happened 50 years ago,” explains Granola.

Dragon Ball Super: publication date of chapter 72 of the manga.  (Photo: Manga Plus)

Chapter 72 Release Date

As expected, Akira Toriyama closes chapter 71 of the Dragon Ball Super manga with the official publication date of the next episode. On May 20, Chapter 72 will arrive in V-Jump magazine

Through the Web You will be able to read the translated version into English and Spanish only one hour later than the official publication in Japan.

Would Dragon Ball Super bet on 3D technology for its new movie?

The new Dragon Ball Super movie has caused the community to ask several questions about the plot, as well as the graphic resources that Toei Animation will use. Is there a possibility that the tape is completely in 3D animation?

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At the moment, we already know that Toei Animation has officially announced that the Dragon Ball Super story will continue with a new movie in 2022. It was confirmed that Akira Toriyama will be responsible for the original plot, character designs and script.

The goal is to exceed the figures made by Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 2018, so Toei Animation could bet on 3D animation, a technique that has been seen at the end of the return of the Legendary Saiyan and in other projects outside of Dragon Ball Super. .

Toriyama announced that his graphic team will be “tracing unexplored territory in terms of visual aesthetics to give the audience an incredible journey.” Said “uncharted territory” could mean another visual overhaul for character designs and more as seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but what if it’s something more risky?

Recall that the 3D animation took place in the final fight between Gogeta and Broly in the 2018 movie, and in the Golden Freeza match against Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.

Could it be that Toei Animation wants a whole 3D movie now? This would mean a higher quality of the graphic effects, so we would have more frantic battles; however, more conservative viewers would prefer classic animation.

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