Dragon Ball Super prepares an important announcement for Comic Con 2021

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime in history. In 2015, Toriyama surprised everyone with the premiere of Dragon Ball Super, the continuation of his popular anime. This new series started from the Majin Buu saga and left out of the canon everything that was seen in Dragon Ball GT.

The anime lasted until 2018, where the story ended with the Tournament of Power saga. Goku managed to reach a level never seen before, the Ultra Instinct, with which he defeated Jiren, the most powerful fighter in universe 11.

In December of that year, Toei Animation released the first film in the new franchise and focused on introducing the new version of Broly along with a completely original story from the Saiyans’ past.

After this premiere, Toriyama kept secret the production of a second film that will hit the big screen before the return of the anime to television. The first trailer would be presented during the Comic Con online in 2021.

The official Twitter profile of the franchise announced that they are preparing a special panel to present new details about the film. Recall that during 2018, images of the production were published as the snowy scene where Goku would face Broly.

Chapter 74 of the Dragon Ball Super manga has an official publication date

Do you want to know how the fight against Granola will continue? Well, chapter 74 of the manga confirms its publication date in V-Jump magazine for July 20. The next day Manga Plus will arrive on the website translated into Spanish.

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Goku fell defeated at the feet of Granola after he used a clone to deceive the Saiyans. Now Vegeta will have to measure his strength and demonstrate the results of his training with Bills.

Chapter 74 of the Dragon Ball Super manga has an official publication date.  (Photo: Manga Plus)

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