Dragon Ball Super: sketches of chapter 74 of the manga reveal key moment between Vegeta and Granola

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Chapter 74 of the Dragon Ball Super manga will be published on July 20. You can read the Spanish version on the official Manga Plus website, after it has officially reached the physical version of V-Jump magazine. In the comic, the Granola saga is currently taking place, which is after the Tournament of Power.

The anime ended in March 2018 and since then Toyotaro has ventured to introduce two sagas in the manga: Moro, the planet consumer, and Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race.

Goku and Vegeta traveled to this planet and immediately went to meet the Cerelian. Heata’s army has hired them under deception; basically, the Saiyans believe that it is an invader who wants to eliminate the natives.

Kakaroto fell in combat during chapter 73 due to Granola being the most powerful fighter in universe 7 after making a wish on Ultimate Shen Long. Now it is Vegeta’s turn to take action.

Like every month, Toyotaro shares the sketches before the official publication of the next chapter. Recently, the first interaction between Vegeta and the villain was shared.

“I don’t work for Freeza. He’s an enemy to us too, ”Vegeta explains. Of course, Granola only manages to laugh; believes that it is a hoax of the Saiyans. Let us remember that this race was the one that eliminated their race in the past.

Dragon Ball Super: sketches of chapter 74 of the manga reveal key moment between Vegeta and Granola.  (Photo: @DBSChronicles)

Dragon Ball Super announces new content for Comic Con 2021

Toriyama kept the production of a second film a secret that will hit the big screen before the return of anime to television. The first trailer would be presented during the Comic Con online in 2021.

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The official Twitter profile of the franchise announced that they are preparing a special panel to present new details about the film. Recall that during 2018, images of the production were published as the snowy scene where Goku would face Broly.

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