Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premieres poster and slides a great role for Gohan

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the new movie of Dragon Ball Planned for 2022 and that will arrive four years after the last feature film that had Broly as a great enemy. At the moment we know little about it, beyond where it is located and what is going to be done with CGI, but at the gates of more information in the Jump Party this weekend, we have come across a new official poster and a description of the poster that places a leading role to Gohan that we had not seen for a long time.

In the text describing the image the following can be read: “Wearing his uniform and standing in the center of the image is Gohan, who is shown prepared to fight the fight of his life along with Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta and Pan. “The description also highlights that there are other new characters created for the film that we will have to wait” to learn more about them.

This is the new official poster:

Behind this, Gohan it was trending topic in Twitter, since the character, despite having been abandoned and relegated to a secondary position throughout Dragon Ball Super, continues to be one of the most loved by the community. We will see the role that it will have in the film, taking into account that another of the protagonists will be precisely Pan, his daughter.

Approaching the end of Dragon Ball Z

Super Hero It is located after the Broly movie but before the last Tenkaichi Budokai 28, the one that served to definitively close Dragon Ball Z with the departure of Goku Y Uub to train. We know that the film will recover classic elements and characters, away from the dynamics that we have seen in the arches of Moro and Granola in the manga currently. Enemies, for example, are part of the Red Ribbon, while we see how others like Piccolo will be given prominence, who will have a very important role as mentor to Pan.

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We will have more information about the film this weekend as part of the Jump Party, already confirmed officially.

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