“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” shares Gohan’s new design

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Akira Toriyama focused on the development of Goku and Vegeta in the premiere of the Dragon Ball Super anime back in 2015. The series lasted until March 2018, the date on which the Tournament of Power saga closed with the impressive presentation of the Ultra Instinct.

That same year, Toei Animation would release the Broly tape in December, which would be the last canon production until 2022. In April of this year, the producer confirmed at San Diego Comic Con 2021 that they had secretly worked with Toriyama on a tape called “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

The funny thing is that the mangaka explained that the plot had been worked on before it occurred to him to introduce Broly in Dragon Ball Super, but he ended up readapting the times so that everything fit perfectly.

Gohan’s new look

Being a tape after the Tournament of Power and the battle against the legendary Saiyan, a few years have passed, which is reflected in the development of the characters.

Pan, for one, has grown up enough to be training with Piccolo. While Gohan, his father, will have a renewed appearance. The merchandising of the tape is already beginning to filter where you can see the redesign of the characters.

Gohan will go back to his blue training suit but will change his boots. His hairstyle is also different and he could use the glasses as a symbol of identity.

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