Dragon Ball Super: the character that can have its spin-off and would manage to fix a problem from the original series

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In an age when anime series abound and viewers are given the ability to choose from multiple titles, Dragon Ball it continues to stay in the foreground and it is something that does not seem to change. They are different generations that have already enjoyed various adaptations, but there is one that may come and may be important to the story.

The sagas in which we discover the little one will remain on the fans’ retina Goku and his friends in a world that will lead him to be the most powerful Saiyan warrior of all. You can currently watch the program Dragon Ball Super on the streaming service Crunchyroll, waiting for Super Hero, the next film in the franchise.

Spin-offs nowadays seem to be common with examples like Rogue One from Star Wars and Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad, although they are not a feature of our times, but are already in their years. About Dragon Ball, who deserves a chance to have their own story is Jaco, based on the manga Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, created by Akira Toriyama in July 2013.

Here we have the story of the character that is located before Dragon Ball Super, which revolves around Jaco after his ship landed on some islands on Earth. There we follow his adventures with a retired engineer named Kill, who comes into conflict with the protagonist’s employers in the Galactic Patrol. While it is clear that they are not superior to Goku or Vegeta, have a quality that can enrich the story.

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According to ScreenRant, a part of the fans of the series do not completely agree that battles and characters are mainly shown moving at high speeds, but that they need the dialogues to make the adventure more enjoyable, regardless of whether or not the enemy is defeated. That is why Jaco’s manga has what it takes to show a new story, told in a different and enjoyable way.

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