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In 2018, Toei Animation released the film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in theaters. It was a modernization of the original story of the Saiyans, where Broly and his father Paragus were banished to the planet Vampa just before Vegita was destroyed by Freeza.

After this premiere, Toriyama began working with Toyotaro in the development of new sagas in the manga. For now, the adaptation of these story arcs in the anime has not been confirmed.

Toei Animation revealed a few months ago that it was working on the production of a new movie and not the series. This feature film will be called “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” and will introduce an original story by Toriyama.

Just a few days ago, the production company shared the first official trailer for the film. The Red Patrol can be seen making plans to eliminate the Z Warriors; but the one who has attracted the most attention of the advance is a little one who has a somewhat strange hairstyle and pronounced dark circles.

Well, some fans have started looking in past productions for similarities with old anime villains. Twitter user warned that this is Jaguar.

This villain debuted in “Dragon Ball Z: Super Warriors Win! The victory will only be mine ”. He was in the past an enemy of Mr. Satan but now he has lost his strength.

He used Broly’s blood in the film to create a bio-warrior who would humiliate his rival. Is this the plot of the tape? Could it be the son of Jaguar? We will have to wait until 2022 to know the answers to these doubts.

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