Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta proves that he has taken hakai to another level

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Through the magazine V-Jump and the Manga Plus website you can already read chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super. At this time, the saga of Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race, takes place.

As expected, Goku and Vegeta have found a new rival but but the action of a deception. Heata’s army hired the Saiyans to eliminate Cerelian under the lie that he is a villain who wishes to eliminate this planet.

The first to enter combat is Kakaroto. In chapter 73 we saw that the Ultra Instinct was not enough to subdue Granola, because the character was using a clone to measure the power of his rivals.

Well, in chapter 74 he will have to face the new Vegeta. Of course, perhaps you already know that he became a god of destruction after noticing that nothing limits him: he does not have to protect anyone and he cares about the integrity of the planet.

However, there is a power that few have noticed. Vegeta first used hakai, the destructive technique of the gods. When it hits the ground, hundreds of debris come out, which makes it explode at the same time.

The combat continues to the point where Granola throws a power straight into the chest. Instead of dodging it, he holds it with his hands and pops it with the hakai. “I’m surprised. They are much stronger than I imagined ”, says the villain.

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta shows that he has taken hakai to another level.  (Photo: Manga Plus)Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta shows that he has taken hakai to another level.  (Photo: Manga Plus)Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta shows that he has taken hakai to another level.  (Photo: Manga Plus)

Dragon Ball Super: what role will Pan play in the new anime movie?

Masako Nozawa, the actress who voices Goku in the Japanese version, participated in the San Diego Comic Con panel. There the official title of the tape and some new designs were shared.

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Of course, there is a detail that already anticipates part of the plot. Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, now wears a uniform as she attends preschool. This means that a few years have passed since Goku, Vegeta and company went to the Tournament of Power.

On the other hand, we see Krillin in his police suit, which indicates that we will see more about life on Earth and not so much stories in the distant universe.

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